Faculty Fellows and Classes

Faculty Fellows

The Northwest Indian Colleges (NWIC) Service Learning Faculty Fellows are part of a learning community that shares a common interest in creating meaningful educational experiences for their students through service learning. The Service Learning Faculty Fellows receive training in the pedagogy of service learning including - "best practices" in curriculum design and redesign to integrate service learning into new and existing courses. Including awareness on how service aligns with the college's mission and goals, produces enhanced learning for NWIC students, and serves community needs.

In learning more about the Faculty Fellows Program, please contact Emma Norman, Faculty Liaison at 360.392.4330, enorman@nwic.edu.

The Program is funded by a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service - Learn and Serve America and is offered through the NWIC Center for Service Learning.

Instructors and Syllabi

Cal Scheidegger

Ane Berrett

Emma S. Norman

Terri Plake